When You Die
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You asked me once if these were tear drops
I didn't lie when I told you no
Cause this old man
He don't cry
He don't laugh
He done told all his jokes
Those days have come
They're so far gone
A few too many I should have known
The day would come

When life would stare me down
And there'd be no place to run

 A boy or a man
 Staring into the eyes of life
 Will I stand or turn and run

The life you choose is for all eternity
If you blink you miss more than a beat
No rest stops or place to catch your breath
And fun is a drug for fools
Wish I had some better news
Well matter of fact I do
You live on in God's memory
No matter how fast you run

 The soul of a man
 Staring into the eyes of life
 Will he stand or turn and run
 I'm the only me
 And you're the only you
 No matter how fast you run
Written, performed, recorded, mixed,
and mastered by J.A.R.
Dwight Breland: pedal steel guitar
Jamal Batiste: organ
J.A.R.: vocals, guitars, drums, bass
From the album "The Other Side"