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satan's Tactics Have Not Changed
life blog
This is supposed to be fun
But it's a burden
Am I the only one
Life is supposed to be grand
If you're not laughing
There's a pill for that

 I'm told all these things
 People steering me
 Where they want me to be
 Buy what they tell me
 Plastic box fooling my identity
 Ringing on my hip
 Excess ability
 Stop Stop
 Feeding the commotion
 All the back and forth
 For my devotion
 Got a feeling what's feeding me is eating me
 Forgotten in the hype
 There's the other side

How many days to come
Decades weeks maybe only one
Will it be time or cash
Both are spent
Only one will last


The Other Side
Written, performed, recorded, mixed,
and mastered by J.A.R.
Jamal Batiste: organs
J.A.R.: vocals, guitars, bass, drums
From the album "The Other Side"